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Please suggest a THEME & SIZE for #97

96 is underway. Exchange 93, 94, 95 (and earlier) galleries are all available HERE. Exchange 97 will open for signup July 1. We need to decide on a SIZE and on a THEME!

Last call to sign up for #93

Last call for [Baren] Exchange 93 – sign up HERE by tomorrow, August 9 if you’d like to make and exchange prints with these amazing artists who are already signed up (images shown are earlier works):

IMC Echizen 2024 Exhibition: Call for Entries

Call for entries deadline August 31, 2023 CALL FOR ENTRIES (deadline August 31, 2023) (Complete information and application are at 木版画と和紙 ー継承と革新Inheritance & Innovation: Mokuhanga & Washi2024 Juried International Mokuhanga ExhibitionEchizen City, Japan Exhibition Dates: April 4 to 8, 2024  Inheritance & Innovation: Mokuhanga Artists Explore Japanese PaperAs one of… Read More »IMC Echizen 2024 Exhibition: Call for Entries

Exchange 88, 89, 90 Galleries are on-line

Galleries for the 2022 exchanges are on line (click the links below to visit each gallery. Huge thanks to Dana Wangsgard for coordinating each of these exchanges. If you find errors or have suggestions, please contact us by email to .