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Exchange 69

Coordinator: Julio Rodriguez

  • Theme: Open
  • Paper size: Other- 10 x 15 inches (oban)
  • Registration period: April 1, 2016
  • Delivery deadline: August 1, 2016
  • Colophon: colophon-69.pdf

Diane Cutter, Corrales, NM
Up among the Stars

15 x 10 in, shina plywood, Graphic Chemical Process Black No. 2348A on Arches 88, edition 18. I live in the land of hot air balloons. If we are lucky, especially during the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, they go right over our house. We can hear the gas jets going on and off, like dragons breathing fire. Two years ago we were honored to have one land right in front of our house, an amazing feat putting all that back into a small trailer.

Gillyin Gatto, Machias, ME
Robin 3 Chick

15 x 10 in, linoleum, Gamblin relief portland intense black on Mulberry white, edition 75. I was blessed this spring when a ROBIN couple decided to nest on the window sill of my 3rd floor studio. I photographed the whole process from eggs to fledges, which all took less than one month. I anticipate some more new work emerging from this experience, and I have a new appreciation for how diligently and skillfully the parents, “Mr and Mrs”, worked together to make it all happen.

Wanda Hemmings, Cambridgeshire, UK

15 x 10 in, two linoleum, Akua Intaglio on Simili, edition 15. This is the largest block I have ever used and it was more challenging than I expected, and used a lot more ink than I expected, but I did learn lessons!

George Jarvis, Akita, Japan
日暮れに (Higureni=At Nightfall)

38.1 x 25.4 cm, Matsumura shina plywood, Golden open acrylic carbon black & pthalocyanine on Echigo Torinoko (越後 鳥の子), edition 26. “Higureni” means toward evening. Printed with baren.

Martha Knox, Philadelphia, PA

15 x 10 in, birch plywood, Gambliin oil-based inks on hosho, edition 17. Another title for this could be “Self Portrait with Aubrey”. Aubrey (named for Aubrey Beardsley, the illustrator who drew many eerie black cats) recently turned 18, so he’s been featured in many of my works of art over the years. Not sure how many more he’ll make it into before he passes on so I’m happy to immortalize him a few more time in art as he is today.

Brad Ladwig, Honolulu, HI
Still Life with Books and Glasses

15 x 10 in, two shina plywood (4 sides), Grumbacher watercolors and Bokuju on Nishinouchi, edition 30. Simple composition with hopefully some interesting structure and shapes. Attempt to incorporate the gomazuri technique on the very light gray background … struggled with the coverage/ cleanliness of the black ink on many of the prints. The colors came out a little more “life-saver” than my original watercolor sketch. Fun struggle.

Theresa Martin, Lawrence, KS
Rough Draft

15 x 10 in, two Linoleum, Graphic Chemical oil based ink on Stonehenge, edition 22. I learn something new every time I make a print. This time: make sure that the edges of your jig where you put the block is made of some material that can’t get squashed or disintegrate, because then when you try to print your second block, you’ll just have to guess where it goes, which is what I had to do with this. Sorry that the registration is off in every single one…

August Mezzetta, Venice, Florida

15 x 10 in, shina plywood, Akua, Triplus color pen on Canson Cotton Acid Free, edition 15.

Julio Rodriguez, Skokie, IL

15 x 10 in, birch plywood + linoleum, Ocaldo woodblock inks on Rives white heavy, edition 16. Tribute to Mothers everywhere. Four impressions, five colors. Printed with Vandercook press Model 02 and baren.

Marilynn Smith, Nahcotta, WA
Daisy Garden

10 x 15 in, maple, Daniel Smith oil based on acid free, edition 19. This block had only been used for one print. I used a water based method for that and did one white line print that I called a mono print since no others would work. It needed r carving for this series and it was a tough plate to run as there were many interesting grain issues. For the most part I am pleased with the results.

Guadalupe Victoria, Monterrey, Mexico
Survivors I

15 x 10 in, plywood, Dr Atl oil ink on cotton Mexican handmade, edition 50. Comments: From the collection of Women survivors of family violence.­Grabados-por-la-Paz-