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Exchange 78

Coordinator: Maria Arango Diener

  • Size: Other – 9 X 12 inches
  • Theme: Open
  • Technique Challenge: Multi-panels print

Chris Blank, Arlinton, TX (USA)
Dungeon view

8 x 10 in, Linoleum, Speedball on Reeves, edition 35.

Katharina Bossmann, Manhattan, KS (USA)
Different Worlds

9 x 12 in, birch plywood, Hanco Oil Inks on Rives BFK, edition 28.

Monica Bright, Star, ID (USA)
Geometry of Chance

9 x 12 in, Linoleum, Caligo Safe Wash Ink on Arnhem, edition 40. I like the idea of organized chaos, and how seemingly random occurrence, chance encounters, etc. somehow transform into the order that defines our lives. The hares give no apparent higher thought about their existence other than “chance encounters” they experience, yet there is a subtle architecture that governs all.

Barbara Carr, Salisbury, NH (USA)
Shadowing Alfred

6 x 9.25 in, Shina plywood, Graphic Chemical on Lightweight, edition 35 plus 3 A/Ps. 3-color reduction woodcut print. Alfred is the rescue pup of a friend. Photo reference by Sheryl Trainor (Used with permission).

Diane Cutter, Corrales, NM (USA)

6 x 10 in, Shina and linoleum, Speedball oil-based block printing ink Carbon Black on Bleached mulberry, edition 31. Molly is an avid gardener who has begun coral gardening. I used two blocks, one wood and the other lino, thinking this would be a cool way to add/subtract for future prints. Nice experiment but won’t be doing that again since the heights were just different enough to make printing difficult.

Maria Arango Diener, Las Vegas, NV (USA)
Three peak view

8 x 11 in, Cherry wood x 3, Caligo Safe Wash OB on Stonehenge Ivory, edition 100. A humble cabin up on the mountain has become my most precious refuge from all of life’s trials. While swinging on the hammock that hangs in the back porch, I can see these three wonderful giants. They guard me, they whisper with the wind, they nestle the wonders of wildlife inhabitants. Peaceful and strong, they give me peace and strength.

Anthony Dimichele, Friday Harbor, WA (USA)
The Many & The One

11 x 8 in, Birch, Speedball Super Graphic Black on Thai Kozo, edition 33.

Gillian Gatto, Machias, MA (USA)

10 x 7 in, Linoleum, PORTLAND INTENSE BLACK on an unknown rice paper, edition 75. the first snow fall (and all afterwards) elicits rolling and intense bliss in most big hairy dogs. My NEWF, Jette, modeled for me.

Wanda Hemmings, Cambridgeshire (UK)

6.5 x 9 in, Linoleum, Caligo Safewash Relief on Washi, edition 31.

Ray Hudson, Vermont (USA)
And His Garment Was White as Snow

6.5 x 10 in, 2 blocks Shina plywood; 1 block cherry, Tubed watercolors and white water-based printing ink on Nishinouchi, edition 28 for Baren Exchange. This is a fantasy on the Church of the Holy Ascension at Unalaska, Alaska. The title and text is a quotation from St. Matthew, translated in the 1870s into Unangam tunuu (the Alaska Native language for people in the Aleutian Islands) by the Aleut priest Innokentii Shaiashnikov. The first two blocks were printed with tubed watercolors in a modified Chinese technique; the third block (the “snow”) had white water-based ink applied to the block with a brayer.

George Jarvis, Akuta, Japan
Kisetsu = Seasons

20 x 27 cm, Various shina veneer plywood, watercolour pigments/OPEN acrylic black on Yushio 100% Kozo, edition 40.

Martha Knox, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
“Two by two”

5.5 x 7.5 in, Plywood, Caligo safe wash relief ink on Kozo, edition 30. This image came from some photo references I took of my two dogs. I had been trying to choose between two similar images that I wanted to make into woodcuts, and this multi-panel challenge resulted in me doing both side by side, which in the end I found more interesting than either single image on its own.

Therese Krupp, Minneapolis, MN (USA)
“I do not have Chicken Pox! CNN is lying!”

12 x 9 in, Linoleum, Black oil and water-based colors on Screen printing paper, edition 29. I’ve wanted to print the Trump Balloon since it was created in England. (It will soon be coming to the U.S. to be shown at MOMA Museum in New York City.) The three-panel format was perfect. To me it became more cartoonish. It’s good to have a good laugh! I believe I am done portraying our esteemed president. Even though we share birthdays (June 14th) and the Year of the Dog connection. Enjoy.

Brad Ladwig, Honolulu, HI (USA)

11.25 x 8 in, Two Shina plywood blocks, watercolors, gouache, akua pigment on Shin Torinoko, edition 37. hesitated to sign these. The design is not mine, but an overprinting exercise from Toshi Yoshida & Rei Yuki’s book “Japanese Print Making” pp 131-135. Tried to follow their instructions to the letter. Was fun to see it come to life.

Theresa Martin, Lawrence, KS (USA)
Contemporary Courtship

6 x 9 in, Linoleum, Gamlin Oil-based relief ink on Stonehenge, edition 30. This is an issue I’ve been bothered by for a long time –how much people seem to be living their lives on their phones rather in direct contact with other human beings and the natural world.

Jennifer Martindale, Dorset (UK)
Polzeath Childhood

9 x 12 in, Plywood, Watercolour pigments and paste on Ho-Sho, edition 35. Whiteline print and spray. Waiting for the Big Wave in Cornwall (UK) 65 years ago.

August Mezzetta, Punta Gorda, FL (USA)
“Lost Culture”

9.5 x 7 in, Shina, Akua Intaglio/Liquid Pigment on Subi Block Printing Paper, edition 28.

Achim Nicklis, Seattle, WA (USA)

12 x 9 in, softcut, fast drying water-soluble ink on Paper is what I had on hand, don’t remember its provenance, edition 32. The bingo I play when I have free time: What hobby to pursue? A suicide two-color print.

Larry Phelps, Rock Springs, WI (USA)
Mommie, where does heroin come from?

8 x 11 in, 4 sintra blocks, Akua color relief/intaglio, 6 colors on Rives BFK, edition 40. Trying to contrast the stunning beauty of the Poppie flowers and the awful product they lead to.

Connie Pierson, Seattle, WA (USA)
The Cage

10.5 x 8 in, Linoleum, Daniel Smith water soluble relief ink on Japanese, edition 27.

Laura Szabo-Roberts, Somonauk, IL (USA)

7 x 10 in, Shina, Daniel Smith watercolor on Shin torinoko, edition 32.

Chris Roberts, Somonauk, IL (USA)
Zen Garden

5.25 x 9 in, Shina, Daniel Smith Watercolors and Sumi Ink on Shin Torinoko, edition 29.

Julio Rodriguez, Skokie, IL (USA)

8 x 5.75 in, Linoleum, Blick’s water-based inks on White Heavy, edition 28. The idea for this print came about when I was scanning some old B&W negatives I found in an old box. I liked that total contrast I saw in the negatives. The first few impressions off the press were a bit flat and dull in color so I tried a technique similar to “impasto” painting to simulate thick multiple layers of color on the paper. I like the way I was able to achieve random patterns and a more interesting background. Since the theme called for multiple blocks. I included that in the overall composition to give the impression (no pun intended) that many blocks were used. How many blocks do you see? 2, 3, 4 …. I won’t tell!

Dawn Marie Slover, Knoxville, TN (USA)
Morning Songs

6 x 4 in, Linoleum, Water-based Speedball on Light grey, edition 35.

Joseph Taylor, Evenaston, IL (USA)

7.5 x 9 in, birch plywood, Speedball ink on Unryu with tinted Unryn chine colle, edition 30. A Flight of Cranes. Black ink and tinted chine colle papers.

Jennifer Mack Watkins,

12 x 9 in.

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