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Exchange 86

Summer, 2021
Coordinator: Laura Szabo-Roberts

  • Medium: Woodblock print–hand rubbed or pulled on a press, any pigments, any paper)
  • Theme: Portraits
  • Paper Size: 10 X 10 inches
  • Registration period: Four weeks starting April 1, 2021 – May 1, 2021
  • Deadline for finished prints: June 30th, 2021

Angela Batchler, Tokyo (Japan)/ Las Vegas, NV (USA), Twin Falls, ID (USA)
Daisy Dog

10 x 10 in, Shina Plywood, Akua on Pacon tag board, edition 23. Process notes and/or image comments on web site or Blog:

John P Center, Chicago, IL (USA)
Self Portrait

10 X 10 in, edition 30.

Chris Doogan, Brooklyn, NY (USA)

10 x 10 in, two blocks, one reduction, Charbonnel Aqua Wash on BFK Rives, edition 35.

Bea Gold, Encinitas, CAL (USA)
Bea 94

10 x 10 in, 2B Blocks, white lined & Black Ink, Akua on Rives BFK, edition 50. I am using both white line color block & black ink to achieve my goal. It is a little different from other water-based prints, but I find it interesting, little worry over registration and use of only two blocks is easier to cut and print.

George Jarvis, Akita, Japan
Portrait of M

25.4 x 25.4 cm, Mat Sumura Shina plywood, Golden Open carbon black on 30-year-old washi made with manila help, edition 36.

Barbara Mason, Hillsboro, OR (USA)

7 x 7 in, Lino, Akua Intaglio on Maso, edition 30. Deciding on the image was the hard part.

August Mezzetta, Cape Coral, FL (USA)
“Woke” a Joke!

4.5 x 6.5 in, Shina, Subi block, Akua Intaglio/Liquid Pigment on Arnhem 1618, edition 22. Still having problems getting the ink to come off the block perfectly.

Alfred Stark, Dekalb, IL (USA)

8 x 6 in, One Block Solid Cherry, edition 36.

Laura Szabo-Roberts, Somonauk, IL (USA)

8 x 8 in, Shina, Black Sumi ink & Daniel Smith Watercolors on Shin torinoko, edition 20.

Joseph Taylor, Evanston, IL (USA)

8.5 x 8.5 in, Luan plywood, Franklin Black and Burnt Plate oil on Arches/Rives 90 Lb, edition 32.

Rebecca Thvedt, Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Child w/ Broom

8 x 8 in, One block shina plywood reduction, Holbein watercolors $ Sumi ink on Torinoko Cream Paper from Mc Clains, edition Open. This print is based on a photo of one of my children when younger. I tried to be consistent in printing, but experimenting with getting texture on the bricks means that every print is a little bit different. So, it is a varied edition. Part of the block was destroyed in the little bit of reduction that I did. The red bricks were printed first and then part of the carved away in order to print the black outline of the child.

Dana Wangsgard, Berea, KY (USA)
Kentucky Poodle goes to Southern Utah

10 x 10 in, Wood, Akua on Sommerset white, edition 32. Paddington bear was our traveling companion last autumn. This woodcut was inspired from one of the many photos taken of him as we traveled from Kentucky throughout the Southwest and back home.

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