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Exchange 88

Spring, 2022
Dana Wangsgard, coordinator

  • Medium: Woodblock print–hand rubbed or pulled on a press, any pigments, any paper)
  • Theme: Open
  • Paper Size: 9 X 10 inches
  • Registration period: Four weeks starting January 1, 2022 – January 31, 2022
  • Deadline for finished prints: March 31, 2022

John P Center
Stand with Ukraine

9 x 8 in, edition 20.

Bea Gold
Young Love

Edition 30

Martha Knox
Nyah’s Rabbit

10 x 9 in, linocut, Gamblin ink on Richeson Watercolor paper, 88 lb. When the COVID pandemic hit the USA I was working as a visiting artist with 6th graders doing a printmaking project. Sadly, shutdowns meant we never finished their projects, and I never got to work with those students again. Two years later a stack of linoleum blocks with their drawings on them still sits on the shelf at the museum I work for. This drawing of a rabbit was too good for me to just leave, so this month I carved and printed an edition of “Nyah’s Rabbit” for her. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Brad Ladwig
Still Life – Orange & Knife

Edition 25

Barbara Mason
Winter Trees in Green

August Mezzetta

9 x 10 in, linocut, Akua Intaglio ink on Artist First Printmaking paper, edition 25. A copy of an ancient Japanese woodblock print

Chris Roberts

10 x 9 in, shina ply, Daniel Smith water colors, edition 20. Somonauk, Illinois USA

Julio Rodriguez
The Night Hunters

7.5 x 7.5 in, aluminum plate, Blick’s Printmaking Inks on Rives Light White, edition 20. “The Night Hunters” taken from an old group of Inuit images depicting the Eskimo way of life. I had some registration issues that could not be corrected so the paper was trimmed after printing along its shorter side.

Laura Szabo-Roberts
Fly, Fly Away

10 x 9 in, Shina ply, Daniel Smith water colors & Sumi ink, edition 28. Somonauk, Illinois USA

Joseph Taylor

Edition 30

Frank Trueba
Angel of Bethesda

9 x 10 in, 14 birch ply blocks, 1 cherry ply block, various tube watercolors & gouaches on Torinoko (Hiromi Paper MMN-105), open edition. The image is of the iconic statue, Angel of the Waters, from NYC\’s Central Park Bethesda Fountain designed by Emma Stebbins and unveiled 1873.

Renee Ugrin
Douglas Firs

8 x 6 in, shina plywood block, Stonehenge paper. So much development in our area, the old stands of trees are disappearing. This print acknowledges their presence.

Marlene Vidibor
Ukrainian Sunflower Stung By Russian Bee

9 x 6 in, Linocut Hand pulled; Akua ink on artist watercolors, textured kozo limited edition Japanese paper.

Dana Wangsgard
Under cover in Vejle.

10 x 9 in (7 x 10 in print mounted on 9 x 10 backing, Baltic birch keyblock plus 6 shina blocks, Akua intaglio inks on Stonehenge 270gsm white paper. Maren Motensdatter, my second great-grandmother, immigrated to the US in 1870 from Denmark during an attempt to escape unrest and rumors of war being planned to unite independent German States.  Because of these ties, I often daydream of Denmark.  This print was created from a photo of a modern city center in Vejile, Denmark. 

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