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Exchange 92

Summer, 2023
Dana Wangsgard, coordinator

  • Medium: Woodblock print–hand rubbed or pulled on a press, any pigments, any paper)
  • Theme: Open
  • Technique: Accordion Style foldable book
  • Paper Size: 4 X 16 inches (could be longer/more pages but foldable to 4 inches)

Katie Argyle, Richmond Hill, Ontario (CANADA)
There Once Was a Cat / Purrl

4 x 24 in, 4 lino blocks one side – 1 wood cut other side, Caligo Black Ink on Strathmore, edition 15.

All printing was done without a press. In addition, I made a sleeve for the books from square knit samples of wool there were discarding at our local art store. I hand sewed sleeves with faux leather to one side if the knit samples were too small for the book. All are unique.

John Center, Chicago, IL (USA)

4 x 16 in, Corian relief engraving, Gamblin oil based ink, edition15.

Chris Doogan, Brooklyn, NY (USA)
The unusual traffic

4 x 20 in, 1 block for 1 cover, Charbonnel Aquawash on BFK Rives, edition 20.

Wanda Hemmings, Washington, (USA)
Normal Service Resumed

4 x 24 in, 6 block lino, Caligo Safe Wash on Claire Fontaine Thai Banana paper mounted on 160 gsm background, edition 16.

Due to some pretty dramatic life changes I haven’t participated in an exchange since number 80 – so called my return to Normal Service Resumed. This is a rare totally abstract print. I normally find it necessary to be representational when printing an edition, a habit I’m trying to break.

George Jarvis, Akita, (Japan)
Daija – Great Serpent

10.2 x 40.6 cm, Matsmurs Shina Plywood, Golden OPEN carbon black on Echizen kikai Torinako 3 gsm, unbleached, edition 28.

Martha Knox, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Dragon Eye

4 x 16 in, Plywood, Gamblin Black on Pocon red and Black card stock, edition 14.

This summer I was teaching artist fellow at a summer camp and did a collaborative dragon accordion book, printmaking with 50 children. I made this print dragon themed and also used it to show the kids an artist made accordion book.

Barbara Mason,
Sea Turtles

4 x 16 in, edition 15.

Bronwyn Merritt, Orlando FL (USA)
My Life In Cats

4 x 16 in, 4 e-z cut blocks, Speedball Supergraphic Black on rice paper, edition 20.

Portraits of the cats I have loved over my lifetime.

August Mezzetta, Cape Coral FL (USA)
Signs of Spring

4 x 16 in, One lino, Akua Intaglio on Yasutomoto, edition 20.

Julio Rodriguez, Skokie, IL (USA)
Shadow Figures

4 x 16 in, two bocks, four images carved on lino., Ocaldo Block Printing water colours on Rives White (Heavy), edition 18.

This is my take on Utagawa Hiroshige’s famous shadow figures designed for children in 1842. While these figures often appeared printed on a single sheet of paper. I thought they would also adapt well to accordion book form. I selected four of my favorites; swan, garden lantern, cat and falcon. The paper is printed on both sides to show the ‘actor’ on one side and the back-lighted shadow images behind a shoii screen on the reverse. Hiroshige’s original images came with detailed instructions for children to follow on how to create the different animals and other objects by moving their arms and legs in different positions.

Renee Ugrin, Happy Valley, OR (USA)
Blue Print Shoes

4 x 16 in, One, Danial Smith oil based ultramarine blue on Lenox, edition 24.

The shoes depicted are representative of different stages in my life. As a young student, the confusing and revealing tween years of learning culture and negotiating a coming of age (as noted by the tankgled laces), sexy concert shoes accompanied me to music venues from the 1970’s to 2000’s, and currently, the garden has been my source of inspiration all my life so the wellingtons serve me well.

Dana Wangsgard, Berea, KY (USA)

4 x 16 in, 10 lino blocks, akua on Rives, edition 20.

The 1940s were challenging but elegant time for fashion – post depression and war. This book is a little tribute to the women that tried to keep life interesting during those days as well as a hat tip to my mother. I hope you enjoy my offering.

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