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Exchange 93

Autumn, 2023

Coordinator: Dana Wangsgard


  • Theme: When it’s hot, it’s hot!
  • Medium: Woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper).
  • Paper size: 10 x 15 inches (Oban) Image size: Any size to fit paper (any orientation), any number of pages
  • Paper type: No restriction
  • Deadline for finished prints: September 30, 2023

Constance Brewer, Gillette, WY. USA

A reflection of the plight of polar bears in the wild. With climate change melting and shrinking the Arctic Sea ice they depend on; they are fast headed for extinction. No sea ice, no prey, no habitat, no reproduction, no polar bears. The image is of a dying polar bear on rocks, no ice or snow in sight, just an endless sea behind him.

15 x 10 in, 4 color reduction print, Lino block, Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink on Master-print paper, edition 28.

John Center, Chicago, IL. USA
Fahrenheit 451

15 x 10 in, Multi block, 2-sided print, edition 20. Fahrenheit 451

Karma Grotelueschen, Lake Redstone, WI. USA
Breakfast Together

10 x 15 in, 1 maple wood block, Daniel Smith ink on Yasutomo rice paper, edition 100.

Wanda Hemmings, WA. USA
Barbie looks for shade.

15 x 10 in, 3 block print – 1 lino block, 2 cardboard collagraph blocks, Caligo Safe Wash ink on Fabriano Accademia 160 gsm paper, edition 18.

George Jarvis, Akita, Japan
極暑 (Gokusho = The hottest days of summer)

Several weeks of record heat here.

10 x 15 in, 1 Matsumura Shina plywood block, Golden open carbon black ink on decades old washi paper which contains some manila hemp, edition 29. Printed damp with baren.

William Joel, Hyde Park, NY. USA
A Flame

15 x 10 in, 1 (4.5 in x 12 in), poplar block, Speedball water-base ink, black on 94 lb. Vellum, edition 18.

Tom Kristensen, Sydney, AU
Temperature Change NSW 1962 – 2022

My life span reflected by the change in temperature across my home state of New South Wales, Australia. Data from #ShowYourStripes. Hardwood timber blocks of local eucalyptus provide vertical striations across the time axis. Koalas, now classified as endangered, feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves. Hunting and clearing of forests have reduced koala populations, but fire and drought are now the key threatening processes amplified by climate change. Koalas are cryptic creatures that are sometimes given away by birds who resent an intruder in the treetops, here a grey butcherbird sounds the alarm. Clues on koala ecology are available to Download or Ignore.

15 x 10 in, 6 blocks – 4 x eucalyptus ply, 2 x Shina ply, gouache pigment on Kozo washi, edition 30.

Mike Lyon, Kansas City, MO. USA

15 x 10 in, four 1/2-inch cherry veneer plywood blocks, Guerra Paint & Pigment dispersions printed in order from least to most transparent. Channel Black ink, Hansa 10G, Quinacridone 195, Teta-Chloro Periwinkle on McClains Masa Dosa – White paper, edition 18.

Bronwyn Merritt, Orlando, FL. USA
Some Like It Hot

Carved from an image of a very slightly exaggerated super sexy chicken,

15 x 10 in, One birch plywood block, Daniel Smith water-based Black ink on rice paper, edition 18.

August Mezzetta, Cape Coral, FL. USA
Summer Cooler

15 x 10 in, One Lino block, Akua Intaglio ink on Yasutomo paper, edition 20.

Julio Rodriguez, Skokie, IL. USA
“Some Like it Hot”

I always wanted to play tribute to Hollywood legend Marilynn Monroe. The background color block was used to make four color impressions reduction style. I had a slight registration issue a couple of prints into the edition and liked the results so much that decided to keep the offset going. I think it gives the flames a flickering-like effect more realistic. Handprinted with a Murasaki baren using traditional Japanese technique.

15 x 10 in, Two blocks. Key block and four impressions color block, Watercolors on Rives White Light (115 gms) paper, edition 20.

Andrea Starkey, Bellbrook, OH. USA
NOAA Coral Reef Watch Sept. 2023

With warming sea surface temperatures this summer, I have found myself often worrying about the stress it’s causing to the delicate coral reef ecosystem. This print represents the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) coral reef watch, warning and alert areas for a specific week in September of 2023.

10 x 15 in, 2 blocks, 4 reductions , Akua Kolor pigments on Kitakata and mulberry paper, edition 22.

Joseph Taylor, Evanston, IL. USA
The heat

Still learning,

15 x 10 in, 5 blocks. Hobby plywood, Speedball and blick water miscible oils ink on Rives bfk paper, edition 20.

Renee Ugrin, Happy Valley, OR. USA
Burning down the house

The realities are really sinking in regarding climate change. There have been massive fires here in the once temperate climate of the PNW. There are bound to be some creative solutions, conservation will help.

15 x 10 in, Shina plywood block, oil-based printing ink and a liquid ink for the orange on all cotton paper, mixture of types, edition 20.

Rosane Viegas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
So hot spicy pepper

I live in Brazil, a tropical country and when the climate is hot, the cuisine is also pretty spicy. It was with Brazilian cuisine in mind that I developed my theme – So hot, spicy pepper.

15 x 10 in, one block of wood, Charbonnel ink – rouge cardinal and yellow on Hahnemuhle 96 g/m2 paper, edition 19.

Dana Wangsgard, KY, USA
Hot as a Burka in July

15 x 10 in, 1 plate reduction 6 colors and 1 plate Sanskrit frame, Akua intaglio ink on traditional mulberry with bamboo fiber paper, edition 18. Website =, Facebook & Instagram: Bocoteart

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