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Exchange 94

Winter, 2023
Coordinator Barbara Mason


  • Medium: Woodblock print–hand rubbed or pulled on a press, any pigments, any paper)
  • Theme: “Holiday Season/Loved Ones”
  • Paper Size: 5 x 7 inches
  • Paper Type: No restriction


  • Registration period: October 1, 2023 to October 28, 2023
  • Delivery deadline for finished prints: December 31, 2023

Fernando Alvarez, Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

7 x 5 in, Three blocks: 1 solar plate; 1 relief (cardboard); 1 cedar block., Three pigments: 2 akua (light blue and golden brown) & 1 tipographic oil ink. on Xuan (chinese, 38 g), edition 32 copies. I used parchment paper stencils for the ground and body colors. All prints were hand-pulled.

Palo ÄŒejka, Modra, Slovakia
Glass cleaning time

7 x 5 in, two wood blocks, Oil based (Sakura) on Kitakata green 37g (Awagami), edition 24. I set myself the task of practicing with Japanese tools. Because I haven’t used it for a long time before. I also very rarely work with wood. It’s a joy!

Constance Brewer, Gillette, WY
What Yellowstone Tourists See

7 x 5 in, 4 color reduction print, lino, Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink on Strathmore, edition 27. I’m not sure why tourists still insist on petting the fluffy cows.


John Center, Chicago, IL USA
WAR & PEACE new years

7 x 5 in, one hard maple block, hard maple wood type and metal type, Gamblin oil based ink on Stonehenge, edition open. Hope for peace in the new year. War and antisemitism have rocked my community.

(missing from portfolio)

Charles Coates, Kalamazoo, MI

7 x 5 in, two woodblocks, sumi ink on masa white, edition 22.

Christopher Doogan, Brooklyn, NY
Untitled (Happy Holidays)

7 x 5 in, one cherry block, Charbonnel Aquawash on BFK Rives, edition 32.

(missing from portfolio)

Bea Gold, Encinitas, California
My Gift

7 x 5 in, 2 blocks, Akua on Nichnuchi, edition 40. Both Black and White European and White Line Color print. Interesting way to develop a print.

Wanda Hemmings, Tacoma WA

7 x 5 in, 2 blocks lino, Caligo Safe Wash on 42gsm washi, edition 21. I’m not sure why printing this was such a struggle. This was my second try and as well as struggling with the actual printing I had problems coming up with a design. However, I was thinking about loved ones while watching a Steelers game and remembering how much the Steelers meant to my father who was born and raised in Pittsburgh and went for this simple graphic image.

George Jarvis, Akita, Japan
猫も家族です (Neko mo kazoku – Cats are family too)

7 x 5 in, 1 of Matsumura Shina plywood, Golden OPEN carbon black on 涼白(Suzushiro 100% Kozo), edition 45.

Martha Knox, Philadelphia, PA
“Pickles and Bert”

7 x 5 in, Linoleum block, Gamblin on White Stonehenge, edition 23. This is from a drawing of my two children’s dogs which were adopted the last couple years as puppies. Pickles and Bert are the best friends two dogs could be, and are often found cuddling on the couch, in their crate, or on a chair together. I thought the variations on textures of their fur would make a nice black and white relief print.

Tom Kristensen, Sydney, Australia
Xmas Beetle

7 x 5 in, 6 blocks Cherry ply, Holbein gauche on Nishinouchi kozo washi, edition ~40. Queen Christmas Beetle
Anoplagnathus viriditarsus

The largest of Christmas beetles found in Sydney the queen beetle grows to 30 mm in length. These are Australia’s most beloved insects, with a range of brightly coloured species appearing during the Christmas season. Adults feed on eucalyptus leaves while the larval grubs feed on roots of grasses beneath. The beetles thrive in the open woodlands cleared for expanding agriculture and housing. Loss of tree canopy means suburban areas no longer support the beetles that were enjoyed by children of past generations. The apparent decline of Christmas beetle numbers has prompted entomologists at the Australian Museum to open a citizen science project with an app to identify and record sightings.

Clive Lewis, Ontario, Canada
Heh, heh, heh

variable edition

Mike Lyon, Kansas City, Missouri

7 x 5 in, 9 blocks from 1/2 inch cherry plywood, Guerra Paint & Pigment Prussian Blue and Carbon Black pigment suspensions on Iwano Ichibei mulberry washi, edition 21 (plus 4 numbered A/Ps). Nine laser-engraved blocks from my 15 years ago photo of snow-covered aspens on a gray day near my parents’ old home in Aspen, Colorado. Both my parents are long gone now and their home sold. The block designs look back to techniques I developed decades ago that seem appropriate for this nostalgic look back to an earlier Christmas-time.

Theresa Martin, Lawrence, KS
In Awe

7 x 5 in, Linoleum, Graphic Chemical Litho ink on Stonehenge, edition 25. In this darkest season of the year, it’s easy to forget the enduring life-force of nature. Everything might look dead, but roots are in the ground, and everything is just waiting for spring. One can see that as a metaphor for humans as well. The holidays are a time to draw together and nourish our connections. We may be hunkering down now, but we can count on spring arriving.

Barbara Mason, Hillsboro, OR

7 x 5 in, 1 block, waterbased ink on Japanese washi, edition 22. I have aways liked the idea of houses with legs

Bronwyn Merritt, Orlando, Fl
Holiday Kimono

7 x 5 in, One linoleum block, Speedball waterbased ink on Japanese paper with gold flecks, edition 25. Assorted hand colored prints. A kimono for any/every occasion!

August Mezzetta, Boynton Beach, FL
“A Saviour is born.”

7 x 5 in, One Lino, Akua Intaglio on Yasutomo, edition 22.

Julio Rodriguez, Skokie, IL
Oh Holy Night

7 x 5 in, Linoleum reduction, Ocaldo inks, Yasutomo black Sumi ink on Rives White Heavy 175gms, edition 27. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all

Jurgen Stieler, Flensburg, Germany
Holiday Season

7 x 5 in, One, Linoleum, Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink, five parts phtalo green, one part black on Clairefontaine Simili Japon Blanc 130 grs, cut to size, edition n.n.. After a long time of absence due to several reasons ( I am a widower meanwhile, all three brothers lost their wives within two years) I decided to return to art and graphics. I mad a simple design of a snowy conifer and put it on the linoleum block. I chose new inks, a new paper and was lucky to get a used, rather old roller press very cheap. It is a model I’ve never seen before, an old Zokei etching press with 27cm roller width.
Also I tried what I’ve read sometime in the forum: I placed the paper on the printing bed and then the linoleum block on the paper and run it through the press without any felt or similar between the roller and the linoleum. Whether it is the ink, the paper, the press or all three things together: I never had such a saturated color before.

Dana Wangsgard, Berea, KY
Mother and Child

7 x 5 in, 5 Block and 6 colors – key block cherry and color blocks shina, McClains Holbein paste Pigments on Mulberry, edition 22. With this exercise I tried to keep the spirit of Durer in mind while employing Moku Hanga techniques. I have a far way to come still but I hope you enjoy my offering.

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